It’s been two years or so since I occupied this space actively, and a lot has taken place since then. Here are a few chosen events worthy of reporting:

Marlene Skog commissioned a piece, which I made and is streaming here.

(The track still needs a title; feel free to suggest something if you can think of one that fits. If I choose it, I’ll give you credit!)

The cellist in the recording is Jake Charkey, who has contributed some gifted improvised material in addition to his sensitive interpretation of my written score.

On the performance front, I have performed with my own trio, doing the Sada works, at Marlboro College and gave a day long residency at Amherst College.

I went on tour from Amherst, MA to Chicago, IL with the Afro Asian Music Ensemble, Fred Ho’

s legacy band, comprising a few of the best musicians I have ever played with.

Back to composing, I wrote the original music  for the documentary film Walk With Me: The Trials of Damon Keith. The Detroit premiere was a very moving, with the whole city seemingly getting together to celebrate the legacy of one of its own.

That brings us roughly to this June. In case anyone was wondering…